Covid 19 antiretroviral therpay


COVID 19 Corona Virus and Antiretroviral Therapy  

Submitted by: Anthony Werner, MBA, Healthcare Advocate


Would antiretroviral drugs (protease inhibitors) used in HIV treatment and prevention (PreP) like Kaletra Lopinavir and Ritonavir be effective both in treatment of initial diagnosed cases, re-infected patients, and as prohpylaxis of 30 days or more as prevention for susceptible classes as immunocompromised, elderly, and patients who traveled to affected areas? Are there other antiretroviral or protease inhibitors such as Atripla, Truvada, etc. or classes such as neuraminidase inhibitors like Tamiflu (Oseltamivir) or (baloxavir marboxil) an antiviral PA endonuclease inhibitor have potential use?


There has been speculation but limited scientific studies or data to suggest that antiretroviral therapies including but not limited to protease inhibitors may play a role in treating Covid 19 (corona virus) patients. While patients can be classified as initial infection, reinfection, etc. and be high risk categories such as elderly, chronically or terminally ill, or pediatrics what role does these class of drugs and how can the medical and pharmaceutical community play in treatment and prophylaxis of Covid 19 spreading and infection rate. How can we trust and follow what the news tells us as reliable sources for laypeople information?

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